Quick Repairs for Water Heater 

Does your water heater (gas hot type) in need of repair? If this fixture of yours is unable to heat, or achieve heat that is enough, we have some tips to aid you in resolving this concern all by yourself. There are two problems that are typical in this type of water heater: zero hot water; and lukewarm water (a.k.a water not hot enough).  If two problem occurs, it is essential to look for a home service company such as Monkton plumbing or water heater repair to resolve this issue. Here are some also of the quick tips they can do for you. 

Zero hot water 

If there’s zero hot water coming out from the heater, we have to make sure first that the problem is with the fixture. Roam the house. Search for any hot water that you could find. Scourge all faucets and other fixtures. If in this search there’s still no hot water, do these suggested diagnostics:  

Make sure that gas to water heater is switched on  

Switch the control knob of gas water heater to PILOT. This prevents burner from ignition, when you’re looking inside. Next, remove metal cover located at bottom part of water heater. See if pilot light and/or burner is/are lit. The former is that small flame seen at end part of supply tube.      

Say there’s no pilot light of your water heater. What should you do? We suggest you to follow instructions about relighting. Also, it’s possible that valve of gas inlet is partially or fully closed. If so, turn handle and make it parallel. Then, relight pilot. If it still won’t light, the culprit might be the thermocouple this time. If this happens, we urge you to either contact repair persons for water heaters or companies that focus on gas utility. The latter might be free of charge, so check your local water heater repair contractors.      

Say the burner gone out. It is suggested that you replace its cover. You have to make sure that your thermostat has the setting of 120 degrees Fahrenheit. If you fail to do this, adjust it (thermostat). Then, turn on your water faucet. Wait for a few minutes; then see if the burner of water heater ignites. If there is no action coming from the burner, leave water faucet running. While doing this, raise temperature setting until burner ignites.     

Lukewarm water (a.k.a water not hot enough) 

If there’s lukewarm water coming out from the heater, perform the following: 

  • Turn the thermostat to of your water heater to a setting that is higher than the usual. If you experience ignition of flame in doing this, leave dial still at its previous setting. Check temperature of your water in one hour by placing a meat thermometer (which is sturdier than ordinary ones) into any solid cup that you could find. You allow the hot water to flow from the faucet. 
  • Say you happen to hear no ignition coming from the burner of your water heater and/or the flowing water keeps on getting colder. You have to check pilot light; so we can be sure that it’s functioning. If it still does, follow manufacturer’s instructions about relighting water heater that is gas type. 

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