Understanding The Divorce Process

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Marriage is a culmination of the partnership between a man and woman. It is a union that is designed to last forever hence the line, “till death do us part.” As a Cedar Rapids divorce lawyer may put it, marriage is expected to last for the rest of the lives of the couple. Unfortunately, there are certain situations that can lead the husband and wife to decide to end their marriage.

While the divorce rate in the United States is high at 50%, several studies have shown that married people still live longer and feel more secure. Married couples are also known to be healthier than single people and are less likely to have surgery, develop cancer, or suffer from heart attacks. In addition, a recent study from the Pew Research Center revealed a declining rate of Americans who have never been married after a divorce. The study revealed that 42 million Americans have never been married after a divorce.

When married people with kids decide to divorce, it is quite clear that the most affected would be their children. But up to what extent will the effect be on the children? One of the biggest problems that divorce can have on children is choosing which parent to live with. This is most common among kids who parents divorced while they were still small. Having no capability to choose yet, the parents gets engaged in a custody battle which could have a detrimental effect on their child.

According to the website of The Maynard Law Firm, PLLC, ending a marriage can be complicated and can have lasting consequences. Many studies have shown that children of parents who divorce exhibit a wide range of behavioral and conduct problems as opposed with children with two parents. Children of divorced parents show aggressive, impulsive, and antisocial behaviors. They tend to have lower academic achievement and show a deterioration from their previous school performance.

A major national survey involving 20,000 adolescents revealed that children of divorced parents performed worst on the aspect of satisfaction with life, sense of personal control, trust, and friendship. The National Surveys of Children revealed that divorce was associated with a higher incidence of mental health problems in children such as depression, withdrawal from friends, aggressive, impulsive, or hyperactive behavior.

For children whose parents divorced during their teenage years, they show the tendency to show disturbing behaviors such as increased aggression, loss of self-confidence, and sense of loneliness. They also show early signs of sexual activity, substance abuse or dependence, hostile behavior, and others.

Among preschoolers, there is a tendency for self-blame. They develop the belief that it was their behavior that caused the divorce of their parents. They also show heightened sexual and erotic play. While this is a likelihood in disrupted families, investigations have not shown any increase in sexual abuse.

Divorce can also lead to suicidal tendencies among children. The child will think that his or her parents have rejected or lost interest in them. Finally, studies revealed that the life spanof children of divorced parents before they reach the age of 21 have shortened by an average of four years.

These are just some of the effects divorce can have on children. So married couple should think twice before deciding to end their marriage because the most affected individual will be their children.

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